Breast Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The driving force behind every breast procedure performed by Dr. Hynes is a desire to help women feel more confident and love the way they look. At Lotus Cosmetic Surgery, our Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift procedures are designed to help women make lasting changes so that they can enjoy their image and feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Medispa is pleased to offer a wide range of plastic surgery and non-invasive esthetics treatments, which includes breast cosmetic surgeries. Relating to breasts, there are two main treatments we offer: breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) and breast lifts (mastopexy). Both breast augmentations and breast lifts are considered to be types of breast cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Medispa is the leading surgical facility for breast cosmetic surgeries in the Greater Toronto Area. We have locations in Hamilton and Burlington, with patients coming from all over the GTA. Our newly-renovated, state-of-the-art medical practice is led by Dr. Nicolas Hynes, a world-renowned Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon. Our #1 goal is to help our clients feel more confident about the way they look, and that is where our breast cosmetic surgeries come in. At Lotus Cosmetic Surgery, we offer breast augmentation and breast lift procedures, specifically designed to help women feel more beautiful in their bodies.

What is cosmetic breast surgery?

Cosmetic breast surgery is surgery that aims to improve the aesthetic appeal, symmetry, or proportions of the breasts. There are many different types of cosmetic breast surgeries. Here at the Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Medispa, we specialize in two of the most popular cosmetic breast surgeries: breast augmentation and breast lifts.

Breast augmentations can be performed for a number of reasons, ranging from enhancing the appearance or contour of the breasts, as well as the size of the breasts. This procedure typically involves placing implants (either saline or silicone) over or under the chest muscle. Breast augmentations are relatively straightforward procedures, and while all cosmetic surgery comes with risks, it is generally considered safe.

Meanwhile, breast lifts are performed to change the shape and elevation of the breasts. Breast lifts are commonly performed on people with sagging breasts. To lift the breast, excess skin must be removed and to do so, various surgical techniques can be employed, ranging from a wise pattern incision to the donut or peri-areolar incision.

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