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All of our Medispa procedures are performed by our experienced, Registered Nurse, Farrah. Her expertise provides a level of almost unparalleled confidence for all our new and returning patients.

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For years the word “peel” meant that you spend too much time in the sun without sunscreen and are now suffering from the not-so-attractive consequences, or that you did a chemical peel treatment and are now waiting for your “new” skin to appear while hiding from friends and family. Today, thanks to progressive skin-care innovations, the word peel has gained an entirely new meaning.

Enter: Alumier MD Glow Peel and Power Glow Peel, a light, brightening, resurfacing solution that improves the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation with little to no downtime.

Who is a candidate?

To suit individual needs, Glow Peels can be customized in strength by the number of layers applied. This formula creates a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective for adults who are looking to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone. This Glow Peel formula exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates skin renewal.

How is an Alumier MD Glow Peel performed?

alumier md peel The Alumier MD Glow Peel formula combines 7% lactic acid, 7% salicylic acid and 7% resorcinol (ask about our Power Glow Peel with 14% formulation for maximum benefits). This formula is applied to the skin to lower the pH, which loosens the connections between dead skin cells, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth.

This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to slough off, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. Chemical peels can also thicken the epidermis, increase dermal volume and stimulate collagen. When peels are performed regularly, the skin becomes accustomed to this process and begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin.

What is the recovery period like?

After an Alumier MD Glow Peel treatment, the patient will be given instructions for your pre- and post-treatment care. It is very important that these directions are followed, in order to ensure optimal results. Initially after the treatment, the skin will be tender and more sensitive to sun as the epidermis renews itself. Usually 3-5 days after the treatment, fresh new skin will develop after the peeling has run its course. Your new skin may feel tight and warm or may look somewhat red immediately after a treatment. Recovery time varies slightly, and skin might be temporarily lighter or darker than normal, depending on the patient. Not all patients will notice skin peeling.

What are the risks?

Alumier MD Glow Peels are light- to medium-depth and are formulated to reduce irritation and redness. Some patients may experience some redness, tightening, and swelling; however, reactions to treatments are quite rare. Proper skin care and sun protection after Alumier MD Glow Peels is critical for optimal results.

Certain skin care products should be discontinued for at least 5 nights before your treatment.

How can I obtain more information?

It’s important to have realistic expectations and to be properly informed about expected results and potential side effects, with any procedure.

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