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Dermaroller® Micro-Needling


Farrah, Registered Nurse

All of our Medispa procedures are performed by our experienced, Registered Nurse, Farrah. Her expertise provides a level of almost unparalleled confidence for all our new and returning patients.

Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) is perhaps the most successful treatment in combating the most common concerns of aging skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scaring, and stretch marks.

Dermaroller® Micro-Needling therapy triggers the body’s spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation and causing the formation of new collagen. This results in a thicker and more supple cellular matrix, and visibly younger looking skin.

Why Dermaroller®

Licensed by Health Canada

The Dermaroller® is licensed by Health Canada. There are countless imitation products on the market that are not licensed by Health Canada so we recommend you do your research, to protect your health and safety.

Certified Medical-Grade Equipment

The Dermaroller® is ISO13485 certified (certified medical device), meeting all standards for medical-grade equipment in manufacturing, materials, sterile packaging and more.

Safe Micro-Needles

The medical-grade micro-needles of the Dermaroller® are non-traumatic and respect the integrity of the epidermis and dermis. Poorer quality devises have needles that slice through tissue and risk causing traumatic skin, vessel and nerve damage.

Optimal Needle Count

Dermaroller® is proven to have the optimal number of needles to ensure safe and effective penetration of the epidermis and dermis. Too many needles will compromise both the safety and comfort of the treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Due to the nature of the procedure, almost everyone is a candidate for micro-needling. The treatment does not penetrate deeper than the dermis layer of the skin, and side effects of the procedure are mild. Micro-Needling is a versatile treatment that treats a range of skin irregularities (wrinkles, creases, scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone), which are common as we age, or come about as a result of injury, stress, skin conditions, or excess sun exposure.

How are Micro-Needling treatments performed?

When you are ready, our aesthetic nurse will sanitize the treatment area and apply a numbing gel to make you more comfortable during the procedure. Once your skin is numbed, the gel is removed, and a hydrating serum is applied. The eDermaStamp Dermaroller® is then passed over the treatment area, allowing the surgical-grade micro-needles to reach beyond the epidermis into the dermis, causing pin-point bleeding and triggering the body’s spontaneous healing response.

Within minutes, the perforation channels close and the healing cascade starts, invading the area with collagen-producing fibroblasts and growth-promoting properties. New organized collagen & elastin forms from within, while the epidermis becomes thicker and more supple, each time a treatment is performed.

If you require more than one treatment, they will be spaced out every few weeks to ensure proper healing and to produce the most beneficial results. The depth of the treatment will be determined by which skin concerns are being targeted.

How many Dermaroller® sessions are recommended?

In general, we recommend 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart. In severe conditions, more treatments may be needed.

For more information, contact your Lotus Medispa professionals to find out their specific recommendations best suited for you.

What is the recovery period like?

Dermaroller® treatments are mildly invasive, leaving your skin flushed (looking much like a sunburn) for 24-36 hours. After the treatment, your nurse will apply the appropriate post-treatment products, and provide you with post-treatment instructions. Your activity is not hindered in any way, however some clients feel more comfortable returning to their daily routine wearing a light mineral-based makeup 24 hours after the treatment due to mild redness.

What are the risks?

Due to the superficial level of treatment, you will likely experience very few symptoms after your treatment is completed. Some patients experience mild skin redness or sensitivity after the treatment, which may last up to a few hours or days and other patients experience no redness whatsoever. Any irritation will usually subside within 24 hours, allowing you to return to work and other regular activities.

How can I obtain more information?

It’s important to have realistic expectations and to be properly informed about expected results and potential side effects, with any procedure.

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