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Lip Augmentation


Farrah, Registered Nurse

All of our Medispa procedures are performed by our experienced, Registered Nurse, Farrah. Her expertise provides a level of almost unparalleled confidence for all our new and returning patients.

Whether you have had thin lips your whole life or have lost your pucker through the aging process, lip augmentation is a proven way to create shape, volume and definition. Like other features of the face, the lips can go through changes over time, the loss of volume due to collagen depletion and/or sun damage can affect this delicate area the same way they can lead to loose skin and the formation of wrinkles.

Working with the natural shape of your mouth and facial proportions, we can enhance your lips in a way that is tasteful and natural, leaving you with the plump desirable look you’ve always wanted.

Who is a candidate?

Lip Augmentation can benefit both men and women who desire one or more of the following aesthetic goals:

  • Increase lip size or add subtle volume to the lips
  • Create definition to the mouth that has been lost over time
  • Correct asymmetries to the lips
  • Smooth away vertical lines above the lips

Dr. Hynes will assess your situation to determine whether a Lip Augmentation will be the best way to help you achieve your goals.

How is Lip Augmentation performed?

Lotus Cosmetic Surgery Centre + Medispa in Hamilton, ON, can help you say goodbye to thin, uneven or asymmetrical lips, by adding fullness and contour to achieve the perfect pout. Your Lip Augmentation will be done in the Hamilton office under local anesthetic and will take only a few minutes! For temporary augmentation, Kiss by Teosyal and Juvederm® (six months) are used.

Most patients will require a single syringe to achieve the results they want, although this can vary depending on the condition of your lips. When injected into the dermis, the hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate wrinkles around the mouth and provide a natural plumping effect on your lips and skin.

What is the recovery period like?

You will be able to return to your activities immediately following your lip treatments; however, you may find that your lips become swollen temporarily, with accompanying bruising. Swelling can sometimes be confused with your treatment result, so we encourage all of our patients to wait one week before determining whether the outcome meets their expectations.

The results of a Lip Augmentation treatment usually last about 6 months. If you would like to maintain your new look, it is highly encouraged that you schedule regular treatment sessions at our Hamilton office.

What are the risks?

All procedures carry certain risks for side-effects, but fortunately these are uncommon with Lip Augmentation treatments. You will be able to return to your activities immediately following your lip treatments; however, in some cases, lips may become swollen temporarily, with accompanying bruising.

Dr. Hynes will review all the risks of Lip Augmentation with you in detail during your cosmetic consultation.

How can I obtain more information?

It’s important to have realistic expectations and to be properly informed about expected results and potential side effects, with any procedure.

If you would like to book a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Hynes at our office in Hamilton, ON, please call us at (905) 645-5640 or book an appointment.

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